Sunday, January 24, 2016

Frozen Condensation Accumulates....

So, not really new news, it snowed/iced/whatever along the East Coast of the US this weekend.

I am grateful, that I was able to leave work a couple hours early to make it home before the worst started to hit.

It's always fun to watch the snow come down, making everything calm and quiet. We had thunder snow last night, as in there was thunder and lightning as it snow. It was very cool hearing it! Down side is, is clearing the cars out from under ALL THAT SNOW (about 30 or more inches of it)! Ick. Oh well. It's gotta be done some time.

Nothing TOO major happened since last post. My grandmother (not unexpectedly) passed away (very, very prolonged passing - declining health etc) as well as the family dog (about a month later).  Both were expected to happen soon. So *not* a total shock to us.

Been trying to be more social with different activities, but it seems to settle on being "social" at work, or the occasional Geocaching event that I'm not obligated work that day/evening.  It's a LITTLE bit of a challenge since I work 12 hour shifts, Thu - Sat and every other Sun (on top of an hour commute each way). But I find I'm able to work SOMETHING out. :) :)

I've been slowly collecting supplies to make a GeoCoin binder display. It's just a matter of cutting out baseball card sized foam stuff and the shape of the coin somewhere in the center of it.

I've also been SLOWLY (almost painfully so), getting rid of stuff in my room. Stuff I don't need, used, or even looked at in over a year (sometimes several years).

That's it for now. :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

ROAD TRIP!!! (sort-of) - A Wee Geocaching Adventure

Yay for blogging again...

So, the inspiration for this post is's summer Road Trip 2015. (If you're new to Geocaching, here's a Geocaching 101 for you!) this summer decided to shake things up a little. The last couple of summers, August specifically, they have done a souvenir thing that you could "earn" for your profile (one year was find a cache every day in August you'll get the souvenir, the other year was "find this kind of cache" and you'll get the souvenir). This year to celebrate 15 years of geocaching, they decided to spread the fun out over the ENTIRE SUMMER! So every two weeks, beginning June 19th the website has enabled a new "challange" for it's users to get more shiny for their user profiles.

I'm excited, this year you have 5 different types of caches to find and earn a total 6 souvenirs. . So far, I got 3 of the 5. What's nice is everyone has until Sept 2nd to find the 5 different caches.

What's the kind of caches you're finding, you ask? I'll tell you! :D

On June 19th, you had to find a cache that had at least 10 favorite points, earning you "Fun With Favorites". Favorite points is usually a good indication of a nifty/cool/awesome cache (sometimes it's for the journey to the cache - like walking along a trail with the most spectacular views).

July 3rd brought us together, attending a geocaching event earned you "Meet Your Road Trip Crew". :) Had fun discovering a nice out of the way winery and a new favorite wine. ~.~

The most recent one, starting on July 17th, "Let's Get Extreme", was finding a cache that had a difficulty level or terrain level of 5 (caches are rated out of 5 on how much of a challenge it is, mentally or physically - a 5 terrain (or T5 if you want to get technical), you should have some sort of safety gear, like hard helmets and spelunking gear).

The next two are coming up on July 31st and August 14th will round out the summer fun. July 31st is "High Five for the Earth" - getting an Earth Cache or a geocaching event where you "Cache In - Trash Out" (i.e. clean up trash as you geocache). And August 14th is "Putting on Your Thinking Cap" for finding a Mystery Cache.

I will admit the "Let's Get Extreme" had me a little worried, only b/c I was afraid I would be trying to find this one by myself.  ~.~ Luckily I got a friend who caches as well to come with me and discovered it relatively quickly (if she wasn't there, I would have left sooner after looking for a short time. Took us about 15 min before I found it, granted it should have taken us a bit longer, but I would have walked away a lot sooner than that by myself).

My friend and I went to a near by National Park to find a couple more caches and to hike a little to an overlook with an awesome view. Well worth it in the heat and sweating buckets.

And in case if you were wondering about the different cache types, they can be found here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Late Night Knitting and Music....

...Or I just refuse to go to sleep post.

Up late (like almost 1am-ish), knitting listening to music on Spotify, vaguely thinking about a Cuddle Party I'm attending tomorrow.

I am tired. I really am, but like a tired 5 year old, I am in complete denial about my current state of awakeness. I'm awake, therefore I should be, NO MUST, stay awake. Admittedly, I kind of want to lay on the floor and flail, just b/c I don't want to go to bed, even though I know I should.

Thankfully, I've far.

The music keeps drawing me in on Spotify. It really hasn't played all the songs/musicians fairly. There is so many times I'm willing to listen to "Man or Muppet" and I love the Muppets like getting a surprise package/letter in the mail or a hot stone massage.  So this means I need to search out all the songs Spotify feels like I don't need in my life any more and never get any sleep for the near future.

Ok. Fine. Bed has made the "Last Call" move. I see how it works now. :P

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter Is Here!!!

So it snowed today for the first time this season (and is still falling as I write this). It seems summer more or less fled the scene and winter took over, all while fall wasn't looking.

I've made a little headway in finding mys state's Geocaching Geo-Star but not much (compared to some).  Just need to get out there and actually do it. There were one or two I tried but couldn't find, in part to my GPSr's signal bouncing all around. Go figure. Been waiting to find the unfound ones when some/most of the leaves have fallen off the trees to get a better signal.

GeoWoodstock XIII is coming up in roughly 6 months, and want to go. :) 

Knitting has taken over my book reading obsession at the moment, if only because the holiday season is encroaching. :look

Monday, July 28, 2014

Plotsy People Being....Well, Plotsy

So, I've decided to not only do ONE state's 50 "Mystery" Caches, but a neighboring one too. I must be sadistic for "solving" them.  I think this type of thing is called GeoArt, where caches are laid out/placed to form a certain design on the map. Like the state ones, they form a star, I've seen an alien and a snoopy design. Go figure.

I know I'm not up to that level yet, creating GeoArt, but definitely up for placing a couple caches myself.  The fun part is coming up with them and finding good hiding spots.