Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Late Night Knitting and Music....

...Or I just refuse to go to sleep post.

Up late (like almost 1am-ish), knitting listening to music on Spotify, vaguely thinking about a Cuddle Party I'm attending tomorrow.

I am tired. I really am, but like a tired 5 year old, I am in complete denial about my current state of awakeness. I'm awake, therefore I should be, NO MUST, stay awake. Admittedly, I kind of want to lay on the floor and flail, just b/c I don't want to go to bed, even though I know I should.

Thankfully, I've far.

The music keeps drawing me in on Spotify. It really hasn't played all the songs/musicians fairly. There is so many times I'm willing to listen to "Man or Muppet" and I love the Muppets like getting a surprise package/letter in the mail or a hot stone massage.  So this means I need to search out all the songs Spotify feels like I don't need in my life any more and never get any sleep for the near future.

Ok. Fine. Bed has made the "Last Call" move. I see how it works now. :P