Friday, February 26, 2010

Another shawl....Really?

So, I just completed my first knitted shawl the other day. Yeah me! And now I have begun knitting another one. Both are apart of a KAL (Knit-A-Long) and I am surprised at the fact that I am knitting something OTHER than hats.......something outside my familurarity zone. :)

I'll try to get photos posted here as soon as possible.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Always Room for One More

I've been knitting for about 10 years now. A decade. (Sheesh, don't I feel old now ;) ).

One thing I've noticed, is how I've developed an affinity for knitting hats. More so for me than anyone else, but hey, I know I'll enjoy them - and I know what color/s to knit the hat/s in.

So, this year, I've actually challenged myself to knit as many hats as possible (desirable 52 - one per week) and I've actually started the process. This is mostly (but not entirely) due to the fact that I am participating in the 2010 Ravelympics. Ravelympics? It's a knitter/crocheter/weaver/spinner's version of the Olympics, where we challenge ourselves to make 'x' during the Olympics - from opening ceremony/lighting of the torch to closing ceremony/extinguishing of the torch. And everything needs to start and finish in between the opening and closing ceremonies. (I'm just a little excited about it)

So far, so good. I'm on hat #5. Granted I should be on hat #8, at least - but life is life and sometimes it means putting some things on the back burner.

On a different note:

/begin rant

I haven't considered myself a selfish knitter, until more recently (going on 4.5 months now). Personally, I've gotten a little fed up with people (more in face-to-face life) asking if I do commission work or make suggestions that I should sell my stuff.

If I really wanted to sell my stuff, I would be doing it already.

I do have a couple exceptions to the rule. Family and friends - more often than not, they are appreciative and take care of the hand made items.

/end rant


Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday's Ten

So, inspired by The Painted Sheep, I decided to do a Tuesday 10 about some of my fav. places to knit. Scandalous, I know, almost selacious. But here we go!

  1. On my couch, watching TV - usually "bad" shows that I enjoy.
  2. In front of my computer - watching more "bad" shows on
  3. During my commute into and out of work - come on, how else am I suppose to kill 30 - 45 min of travel time? Read? ;)
  4. A local knitting group - yeah for national chain book stores!
  5. Local bar - some days after work, you *REALLY* need a cold one
  6. In my bed - while listening to book on tape, my hands need something to do
  7. Passenger seat of a car - I love the luxury of sitting in a passenger seat and knitting to my hearts content
  8. On the loo - yes, i am guilty knitting on the toilet, but've just gotta do it
  9. On my back porch - when the family sits down for a rare family meal, we tend to talk a lot - a lot of talking = time to whip out knitting.
  10. Last but not least, while walking - granted this isn't a specific place per se, but I can get a lot done that way
Anyway, that's it for today.....