Thursday, October 7, 2010

Music, Music Everywhere!

Ok. Last weekend I went to a house concert not too far from where I live, to see SJ Tucker (click here to listen to her music).

What made it interesting is that I've never had herd of SJ Tucker before my friend invited me. I wasn't sure what to expect from the house party, other than listening to live music. I did listen to a little of her music and liked what I heard (note: just enough to get a flavor of what I was getting myself into).

It was a great experience, going with a couple of friends to listen to this female musician at an intimate setting (something other than a concert hall or whatever), listening to awesome music (SJ Tucker is AWESOMESAUCE), and coming away happy that I said yes to the invitation.

The friend who invited me along is actually doing a contest/music giveaway of this artist (found here). It's open for entries through Oct 31, 2010. Ohhh. You wont regret entering this contest. The CD that's up for grabs is Mythcreants, a CD SJ Tucker has done last year with a band she's apart of - Tricky Pixie.