Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again.....

It's about time I start blogging again.

I will say that in the last 6+ months I've had some adventures.  I've flew to Colorado for a party organised through an online book club I belong to, I've gotten into Geocaching (I signed up on a website that hosts lists of caches, but never did anything until CO), knitted some stuff (currently working on a scarf loosely inspired from the Wheel of Time series), planning a one day, round trip bus trip to NC to just ride up with a friend who's visiting me for a week, the two of us are going to a local event (same online book club people, just an unofficial event that some how has people coming from as far away as GA attending.  Ya, did I mention it's a "local" party?), and job hunting for FT work. :P

I will say, I think I am more into the IDEA of Geocaching than Geocaching itself. Idk how true it is but so far, its true.