Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter Is Here!!!

So it snowed today for the first time this season (and is still falling as I write this). It seems summer more or less fled the scene and winter took over, all while fall wasn't looking.

I've made a little headway in finding mys state's Geocaching Geo-Star but not much (compared to some).  Just need to get out there and actually do it. There were one or two I tried but couldn't find, in part to my GPSr's signal bouncing all around. Go figure. Been waiting to find the unfound ones when some/most of the leaves have fallen off the trees to get a better signal.

GeoWoodstock XIII is coming up in roughly 6 months, and want to go. :) 

Knitting has taken over my book reading obsession at the moment, if only because the holiday season is encroaching. :look