Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now is the time....

....for me to post something! It's been a little over a month or two since I've posted something.

Funny how life kind of sneaks up on ya.

Anywho. What have I been up to? Where to begin.

The store director of the gift shop upped and left (we didnt know what happened initially, but now we do. not something I want to get into here) and we have a new store director (new person = change. not sure how much I'm liking the ALL the changes going on. Some change is to be expected, but with all the changes that have come to pass.....well, let me just say it's an interesting kettle of fish), been looking for FT work (well, ramped up the amount of searching), went to a friend's wedding (LOVED it!), both brothers moved out (one's in IA an the other is in CA), researching some history on Tarot for a presentation I'm giving in September (hopefully all will go well), and most importantly, redefining where I want my life to be heading.

Still knitting. Entered some items in the county fair and all won ribbons (only one got first place - just happy they got ribbons).

That's all for now.