Saturday, October 18, 2008

Damn...Now That's Hawt!

Now that I have your attention! *lol*

So this past weekend was Halloween weekend. Yeah for parties (and pretty much any excuse for celebrating/partying).

I ended up going to 3 parties over the weekend. One at a club in DC on Friday and two on Saturday evening.

I had a fun time this weekend. I danced a little at the club (not so much b/c my feet were starting to hurt in my high heels by the time the dancing really started).

Saturday was nice as well. The first party, a friend invited me to it (it was a friend of hers from high school that was hosting the party). It was nice, but I didnt know anyone there than the friend (and her boyfriend) that had invited me. To a certain extent I felt my friend was feeling a bit obligated to entertain me and not really socialize with anyone else. (But who's to say she was feeling a bit nervous herself - not really knowing anyone else either).

The second party I ended up at was at a place I go once a month with a group that has ecclectic lectures on different things (from Native American ceremonies to Reiki to runes). It was a bit low key but I felt a bit more comfortable there (knowing more people).

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