Thursday, June 4, 2009


This sort-of/kind-of a cross post from my other blog (Do, Live, Feel) in only that I'm posting my desires of what I want.

My theory is that the more I put my desires out there, the more likely I'm going to attract what I want to me.

Here's my bucket list per se:

  1. Have a car that runs on Biodiesel (and where I can make my own fuel from vegitable oil from my local fast food joint)
  2. Be in a long-term relationship / get married (I put both of them on the same goal line b/c marriage is a long-term relation ship, just the title of attachment changes)
  3. Have a kick-ass Full-Time job that gives me the flexibility to work when and how I want, and that includes great medical, dental and eye health care, perks, and great co-workers
  4. Have a place of my own (to own and not rent) - a house would be good thats far enough away from the city that I dont have the crazyness that goes with it, but close enough that I could use public transit to get in
  5. Start a vision board for all of the above

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