Monday, February 2, 2009

Revamping and Renewal

Ok. Last year I challenged myself to do 100 hats by the end of 2008. Ambitious, yes. Fool hearty, quite affirmative.

But now, I've basically wiped the slate clean and started the challenge anew. So, hopefully by the end of February, I'll have 16 hats finished. So far, I've got one. But granted it was a little more involved since it was a fish hat.

Now that I broke the daunting task of making the first hat, I feel I can do anything! Well, more like I've got the hat thing under control and can crank out 15 more hats by the end of the month.

The hopes are that they'll be all different and unique hats. Towards the end I may fudge that rule a little to include the meaning of different including making the same hat but out of a different yarn.

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