Thursday, January 22, 2009

WIP Where I Need to Be.

So, for those who arent in the knitting terminology know how, WIP is short for Work In Progress.

It always feels that I have at least half a dozen projects going on and a gazillion things I want to make. (Let alone the fact that my bedroom is slowly being taken over by my yarn stash).

Right now I'm knitting up a hat that was giving me problems. The orig directions seemed a little wonky when I first scanned though them, assuming that the hat, like all the other hats I've knitted from patterns, would be done in the round! I started the pattern, and the changing of the colors were giving me issues of making the change over smoothly.

I had realised that the pattern had you knit the first 3 rows in the round THEN switch to working flat (going back and forth as if on two needles as apposed to continuing in the round). I thought it was a bit poor for the designer to have you start in the round and then switch it up so soon into the pattern. At that rate, it should have been just straight up two needle pattern (non-cicrular needles) and then have you sew the seam up - you'd still have to sew a seam up in any event might as well make it all one seam.

Weird weird weird.

I am also knitting up two pairs of Fetching, fingerless gloves that has cables at the writsts and just below the knuckles (the cables make it snug enough to keep your wrist warm with out cutting off cirulation to your hand). Its more of a wrist warmer than fingerless glovess.

Also, I'm working on pair of socks (just bound on and no other progress).
I'm scheeming about knitting a vest for myself. Something that's professional enough to wear to work but can be a casual dress up vest as well.
Well enough of my ranting for the moment as I go off and print more hat patterns (as if i need more patterns! ha!)


Turtle said...

cute hat design though! i also knit up a new pair of fetchings this past weekend, love them! I had to set a sweater aside for a bit (mental break) and a shawl i have been working on that is just time consuming (almost 600 stitches per row) and started a new shawl that will be quicker with a fun yarn! good luck on progress with your WIP's!

Sankari W. said...

ooooo can't wait to see all the WIP - love that hat! I had dinner with Heather the other night and she pulled our authentic Nandi fingerless gloves - they were soooo awesome!!!

Love you Nandi girl! (glad you liked my vampire valentine - i was cracking up the whole time :)

Miss you LaLa!!!
Tons of hugs and smiles,
Sankari :)

Nandi said...


I'll make sure to post the pictures of all the finished projects. One of which was a sweater jacket I started making awhile ago (but I took it apart b/c I didnt like how it was turning out).

The "fetchings" are one of the easiest things I've knitted in a while. But then again, I've been making allot of them lately - getting to the line of monotony/ready to barf from making the same thing over and over again.

But I still like the things. ;)