Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Second Christmas!!!!

Ok. Today I came home to a package of stuff that I had bought trough ebay. I was so excited! Like a second x-mas. The package contained 22 circular knitting needles (1 pair of 11 different sizes - this makes things easier/simpler for me to knit - like socks or mittens, things that usually require pair of something - so they are the same tension and i can make the same changes in the exact same spot on each item).

My dad didnt know what I had gotten and from the way they were packaged, he kept ranting and hooting that I had gotten a dildo in the mail. (Granted it did come in a simular shape to what a dildo may look like packaged).

My mom was giving him dirty looks from the phone call she was on with one of my dad's good friends from childhood.

But part of the reason why I was so happy about the needles, I figured out that I had spent less that $1/needle ($.91/needle to be exact), INCLUDING shipping (shipping was free, but still....)

*does a happy butt dance*


Turtle said...

wow, what a great deal! enjoy them!! (telldad to get his mind out of the gutter! was he in the navy by chance! smile)

Nandi said...

*lol* just a weird sense of "humor". I guess it kind of runs in the family! *lol* One of my fav. quotes from him was when I was trying to explain to my mom that i dont really need to be shown and told where I was conceived really loudly, with the windows down. He walks into the room and announces "How do you know she wasnt conceived alongside of the road?"