Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Ten

I saw this on another blog and thought it was kind of nifty. Basically have like a top 10 list of something once a week (or maybe once or twice a month???). Anyway. I want to try it out. I am thinking of Tuesday Ten themed style.

For today's ten, I was thinking about Fall today and why I like it.

  1. The cooler weather - I love the cooler weather. This means I'm not sweating as soon as I step outside. DC is notorious with its uggy muggy weather. Also, it's allot easier to ADD layers when it gets chillier than it is to remove layers
  2. There is something about the cooler weather that makes me want to knit more stuff. Maybe it's the hibernating gene?
  3. The changing of colors in the tree's leaves - always inspiring.
  4. I can bust out my hats and scarves I made (as well as my jackets I bought from a store) - somehow I enjoy wearing scarves and hats)
  5. Tourist season essentially ends - also, at work this means selling tickets for performances vs just passing out timed tickets and repeating the same 4 words a good 1,000 times a day
  6. Getting ready for Halloween (granted that's only 1/2 way through fall, but still, a great reason to like Fall)
  7. Fall some how makes me feel more independent
  8. I like how fall is a great time to be outside w/o worry of getting over heated (too easily)
  9. Also, soups/stews are more appealing to eat (my mom makes soups year round it seems and during the summer, it's not they're not tasty, just it's too hot to eat)
  10. Fall is a romantic time time of year. A time to get snugly. Here's for the best

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