Sunday, August 9, 2009

County Fair 2009

It's that time of year, where the herald of county fairs appear on every babe's lips....

.......well, at least some of them.

This will be the third time I've entered in my county fair with knitted items (crocheted in the previous two). I've been lucky enough to have everything I've enter win some sort of ribbon (even if it's 6th place).

Also, it seems that every year what I enter gets smaller....either I'm knitting too much of the same or its collecting dust in a random corner.

I have one last item I "need" to finish to enter the fair this coming Friday.

Anyway. I had gotten some of the new Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool colors: Oatmeal, Maple Tweed (their Natures Brown with a thread of their Natural running through it), and Oak Tweed (their Natural with a thread of their Natures Brown running through it).

I am planning on making a couple Morgan's from Knitty's Fall 2008 online pattern collection - at least one in each color. I'm thinking x-mas gifts for the brothers and the dad.

That is all for now.

*I like my men like I like my coffee.......COVERED IN BEES*

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