Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~List of Ten~

It's another fine Tuesday for making lists of things. This one is about spring.

  1. Warmer weather - no more snow baby! After having 50" of snow this winter, I am SO ready for spring. I dont mind the snow, but for the area I live in, 50" is unheard of. Maybe 20 - 30", but definately not 50 (and virtually all at once).
  2. Flowers - they're starting to bloom! It kind of goes with the "SO MUCH SNOW!" we had this winter, I am so ready for the color.
  3. Flip flops - I can wear them with out getting funny looks from people. I don't like to keep my feet in enclosed things (socks, shoes, boots, what ever....). They're kind of like my hands, they tend to be on the warm side and anything covering them makes them a little TOO warm (and makes my feet and hands feel weird)
  4. Skirts - I can wear skirts again with out freezing my legs off. Granted, this means shaving, but I'm willing to shave.
  5. Sunglasses - warmer weather brings sunnier days (for the most part) and I like wearing funky sunglasses. The funkier, the better.
  6. Sunbathing - I know too much sun is bad for you, but it can be so relaxing laying out in the sun.
  7. Knitting - though I do do this year round, but this inspires me to knit small or lighter ware items. (Light ware = shawls)
  8. Sun Tea - I really like sun tea. Light, refreshing, and easy to make. SOOOOO good! :)
  9. The Beach - 'Nuf said! I like the beach. For the most part. I like relaxing under the umbrella, reading a good book, swimming in the ocean (some how, mysteriously avoiding getting sand into my swim suit), drying in the sun....you get the idea.
  10. It would have been robins, but it kind of defeats the purpose if you see about a dozen of them on Christmas Day. Yes, I said it correctly. I saw about 10 - 12 robins in a tree, ON Christmas Day.

Yeah for blogs, right?

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Heather said...

yay for Nandi! and spring! and blogs! <3