Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday Ten - Shoes

I've been wanting to post more here on my blog, but more often than not, I cant think of things to blog about.

SO, in hopes for more fodder for the blog, I am intending to do a Tuesday 1o on a weekly basis. This way, I'll have something to share with y'all.

Today topic: SHOES!

Oh my freaking goodness! Shoes!

  1. Pleather GoGo Shoes - these are darn cute. and black goes with everything. also, it has some lift to give me some much needed height.

  2. Old Gringo Marsha Mule - ohhh another cute shoe. i like all the color versions of the shoe but like the White Crackelada coloring the best. And it would go with pretty much everything i have. i like the simplicity of the shoe's design and the design on the shoe. It seems like a comfortable shoe too.

  3. Alexander McQueen shoes - these shoes remind me of bees! and i think it'd be rockin' to be wearing bee shoes. i can see myself walking around in theses going "bzzz bzzz bzzz"

  4. J.Renee Brinda shoes - i will say i nearly fell out of my chair when i saw these lovely shoes. tres chic! they remind me of the ocean and i have a feeling these shoes would inspire sound effects as well. ;) i like the darker color of the two shoes but both are pretty spiffy.

  5. Traditional Saddle Oxford - time for a little style change! classic look, comfortable (as fas as i know) and good with a dress suit! and from the looks of it, will keep your feet warm on colder days!

  6. Knee High Gladiator Boots - b/c every girl needs a pair of these!

  7. Gladiator High Heels - this particular set caught my eye. not only are they nifty high heel shoes, but they're GLADIATOR heels!

  8. Indian Sandals - love the gold and bangles on these

  9. Fringe Sandle Boots - this may be one of the 'wtf' items, but the fringe add a certain je ne sai quoi

  10. Lucky green shoes - I will say these shoes are my all time favorite! Hands down, no questions asked! They're green, they're sparkle like nobody's business, and they go with my favorite holiday!

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