Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Ten

This week, I think I'll talk about some places I'd like to visit!

  1. Ireland - always wanted to go, never been. I like the accents of the people. Also, the country almost calls to me to visit. Funny, I know.
  2. England - visited once. London. But I want to see the rest of the country, something other than immediately around the airport or where you can go in a day.
  3. The rest of the US I havent been to - I've been to 27 states and want to visit the remaining 23. It's been a goal to visit as many of the states as possible
  4. Canada - Like England, I want to see more than Niagara Falls. I also know quite a few people from there and they've inspired me to visit the country
  5. Greece - was there once for a month, and fell in love with the country and people and would love to go back and visit.
  6. Scotland - when in England, I'll pop over to Scotland and visit. Beautiful country, bla, bla bla...
  7. Iceland - seems like an out of way place to relax and recenter oneself
  8. The Beach - only b/c i havent been in AGES! and i miss it *sad face*
  9. Iowa. Went to college there and have good friends there. Another out of the way place to recenter. But b/c it's a small town and i sort of know alot of people there, i dont know how centered i can get....
  10. As many yarn shops as possible - this is a secret addiction of mine, yarn....mmmmmm

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