Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well, I was trying to think of something to blog about that involved listing stuff. But decided to write a little about unusual experiences.

What prompted this involved the place where I work an a chap stick I sworn I had lost earlier in the week (quite possibly the week before). It's chunky chap stick (like twice the size of your normal chap stick), and would be fairly obvious just laying around. I just chalked it up to an "Oh well, just get another chap stick".

That is until this morning.

I was getting the front end of the office set up for when we open. Passed through the space at least 3 or more times, this morning alone (not to mention the number times I passed the exact same spot in the last couple of days).

Now to the point of this story. I rolled out the donation box into the lobby and when I came back into the box office space, there is my missing chap stick I had been looking for for at least 3 days, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR.

I kid you not. Right there, middle of the floor, as if to say "What are YOU looking at? I've been here the entire time." Sad thing is, I was the only one in the office at the time. So no one but me saw this.

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