Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top Ten

Every now and again, I get inspired to a Tuesday Ten or Top Ten list. I think The Painted Sheep inspired one in the past and has done so again.

Todays Topic:
  1. Flowers - well, not so much for the pollen, but for things being green again. Being able to sit out on the grass, yadda yadda yadda.
  2. Sunshine - I love the feel of the sun on my skin - with sunscreen on!
  3. Flip flops - I will wear these if I think I can get away with them
  4. Knitting - I will knit year round, knit while walking, knit in the movie theaters....ya you get the picture, like flip flops, I'll do it when ever I can.
  5. St. Patrick's Day - favorite holiday.......ever!
  6. Iced Drinks - taste so much nummier when it's warmer out
  7. Farmers Markets - they make their appearance! Love them! Fresh food! Yum!
  8. Picnics - haven't been on one in ages but are fun! Spring time does herald the grass sitting actives of stuffing your face and thwarting ants.
  9. Flying kites - I remember flying kites as a kid and loved it. It'll be good weather to fly kites again. (Heck I remember even making a couple kites with my grandfather!)
  10. Last but not least, people watching. Oh it's fun to watch people. Being in place that draws people from all over the country, let alone the world, it's fun to kick back and watch.

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Laura ( www.laurainthesky.com ) said...

I really want it to be spring, now!!!! Nice blog, Nandi!