Sunday, January 24, 2016

Frozen Condensation Accumulates....

So, not really new news, it snowed/iced/whatever along the East Coast of the US this weekend.

I am grateful, that I was able to leave work a couple hours early to make it home before the worst started to hit.

It's always fun to watch the snow come down, making everything calm and quiet. We had thunder snow last night, as in there was thunder and lightning as it snow. It was very cool hearing it! Down side is, is clearing the cars out from under ALL THAT SNOW (about 30 or more inches of it)! Ick. Oh well. It's gotta be done some time.

Nothing TOO major happened since last post. My grandmother (not unexpectedly) passed away (very, very prolonged passing - declining health etc) as well as the family dog (about a month later).  Both were expected to happen soon. So *not* a total shock to us.

Been trying to be more social with different activities, but it seems to settle on being "social" at work, or the occasional Geocaching event that I'm not obligated work that day/evening.  It's a LITTLE bit of a challenge since I work 12 hour shifts, Thu - Sat and every other Sun (on top of an hour commute each way). But I find I'm able to work SOMETHING out. :) :)

I've been slowly collecting supplies to make a GeoCoin binder display. It's just a matter of cutting out baseball card sized foam stuff and the shape of the coin somewhere in the center of it.

I've also been SLOWLY (almost painfully so), getting rid of stuff in my room. Stuff I don't need, used, or even looked at in over a year (sometimes several years).

That's it for now. :)

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