Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drinking Baby!

So, I was out to lunch the other day with a couple of girl friends at an organic restaurant (which happened to be tied into the local organic grocery store a couple doors down from it in one direction and an organic-ishy boutique store a couple doors down in the other direction - I think there is also a pet grooming/store in that same shopping mall as well tied into with them as well).

Afterwards, we ended up at the boutique shop looking around, and I bought something called a "Clean Canteen" (something along that line). The concept is that it's made out of metal and not plastic, because regardless of how you make it, plastic still leaches into the contents it's holding and metal not as much. And that is bar none for all plastic bottles (disposable and reusable). (The plastic bottles leach toxins into the food/liquid if exposed to heat in particular - the fattier the contents the higher the toxin count apparently). But who's really to say what's 100% truthful and if what's said is anything near the truth.

Well, I got myself a clean canteen and have been impressed with it so far. I also own a Nalgene bottle and have enjoyed it as well. But I will say I enjoy my Sigg water bottle a little more. I don't know if it's my intention or if it's actually the bottle, but I feel better after drinking out of the Sigg bottle than the Nalgene. I've also noticed with the Nalgene, the water starts to taste more and more funky, the longer you leave it in the bottle. And that's at room temp.

So far the Sigg bottle hasn't done that. (I've been using it for the last week and a half).

The bottle I got is this lovely matte gold Indian/70's-ish inspired pattern on a blue back ground (the stopper is black on mine and not blue). I like it and it's suppose to be good for a really long time, lasting anywhere from 10 - 20 years depending on how much you abuse ..... hem, use it.

If you're curious about the Sigg products click here to check out their website.

They are running a special now through Dec 15th, 2008 where any order $30 or more gets FREE shipping with either FedEx or UPS using the code FREEFEDEX or FREEUPS. It's pretty easy to get $30 worth of stuff from Sigg. Yes, the products are pricy, but then metal bottles like this have always been on the expensive side. (It's worth the little extra money if it means you're healthier for drinking out of it, right? Sure beats possible medical bills).


trick said...

I noticed that the problems with the Nalgene got worse as it aged--it got harder to clean and leached more taste. Though I'm not 100% certain about the water supplies I was using it for--some water sits still better than others, you know?

We got two kleen kanteens in early summer, but somehow haven't used them too much, so I can't really testify to their use yet. They're not the easiest to drink from, though, with the sport nozzles on them.

I've been meaning to try the Sigg, too, but probably won't get to that for a few more months.

Nandi said...

I personally recommend Sigg. The opening, at leas on the one on mine, is human lip compatible (i would assume that all of their bottles have the same type of opening b/c they have only one type of topper).

Fairly easy to drink from. And it looks like their sports tops are good too (I just have the twist off top).