Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Ten

Ok. So, I'm trying to get in the habbit of blogging more. Even if it's a list of something. :)

For today's ten list, I thought I'd share some stuff about knitting. YEAH! Mostly it's going to be about projects that I have knitted and places I like to knit.

  1. An unusual capstick cozy. I would say, this is a fav of mine to knit. Granted, I haven't done many of these lately (and I need to) but it always gives me the giggles when I knit this.
  2. Hats! Oh my gosh, I love knitting hats. One of my favorite is one called Dependence. Unfortunately, the blog that USE to have it posted, is no longer available. BUT! You can see pics of it here and here. So far I have 3 of them in different colors and plan on making myself some more!
  3. Another favorite hat I like to knit is called Tychus. It's a short row hat, making super easy to do (and I think a good beginning project for a beginner to intermediate beginner).
  4. Oh, how could I forget my Glove Hat (aka Knitted Motorway Moses Hat). I've done this pattern about 5 times already in different colors and yarn weight. I am planning on doing more! *insert evil laugh*
  5. I've done some fingerless gloves/mittens a fair number of times (I would say in the ball park of 8.......so far).
  6. I have a chunk of time to kill when I commute to and from work (about an hour each way), and I end up knitting on the public transit (yeah metro)
  7. I've been known to knit in Bars, Movie theatres, and watching TV.
  8. I've also been known to knit while walking. I have yet to be documented while doing so. Eluding the camera isn't a set skill for this phenomenon apparently.
  9. I've knitted durring an ice hockey game.....probably the only time I'll ever do that.
  10. Last but not least, I have been know to sneak in a stitch or two at some EXTREAMLY LONG lights in the area. NOTE: I DO NOT KNIT WHEN THE CAR IS IN MOTION WHEN I AM BEHIND THE WHEEL, NOR DO I ENDORSE SUCH ACTIVITIES.

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Heather said...

wow, so if you have done 8 pairs of fingerless gloves, that means I have like half of them!? <3