Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hrm. I got to thinking....

...which can, or might be, dangerous! (just kidding)

My good friend Heather just did a contest on her alter-ego (Heather, please correct me if I'm wrong) blog page. Got me thinking. What a fun thing to do. (Also, I got a couple of calls from a rep . at an electrolysis place near me, saying that my name was drawn for their third place prize via a website I am a member of - MyPoints. Thing is I dont remember entering a contest via MyPoints, but it's quite conceivable b/c I just click through the links I'm sent to earn points to get gift certificates to places like Starbucks and Barnes and Noble - it's all about the coffee and books).

I digress.

My thought was to make a little knit things to give out as prizes. It may be something along the lines of a coin purse or hot pad - when I'm trying out new stitches. Or it could end up being a nifty hat or something.

Get comments on something and randomly draw name(s).

Will wonders never cease.

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