Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Thoughts....

I cant tell you how happy I can get when I listen to Great Big Sea. Esp. if I'm feeling a little sad or mopey.

I dont know, some how the sound they make just cheers me up (must be something I like 'cuz I have roughtly 6 or 7 of their CDs).

On another note, I went to a Native American Ceremony lecture. VERY fascinating.

The nice lady (Jen Hudson) explained the basic principles of the Native Americans (granted, she was clear that these principles were what she was taught as apart of the lineage/tradition she learned and is apart of - and that there are common grounds upon which all tribe share, but the technical idiosyncrasies were more indicative of the individual lineage/tradition/tribe).

Jen also spoke about sweat lodges and drumming and dance circles. You can tell she was passionate about what she was talking about and had a great interest in the topic. What I thought was a bit fun was when she led a prayer ceremony where it involved a peace pipe (I think it was called a peace pipe).

It was really an awe inspiring lecture and very spiritual in nature. It really has gotten me motivated about how I define my life.

PS. The tradition Jen follows is that of the Standing-Bear Community.

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