Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wheel of Time - Ajah Quiz

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Which Ajah are you best suited for?
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You scored as The Green Ajah

You are best suited for the Green Ajah. Also known as "The Battle Ajah", the primary focus of the Green Ajah is to prepare themselves for the Last Battle. Although Aes Sedai cannot use their channeling to hurt anyone besides Darkfriends, this Ajah exists to do war. However, there hasn't been a war against shadow in a hundred or so years, and in that time they've earned the reputation of being more than a little flirtatious.

The Brown Ajah ~ 75%
The Green Ajah ~ 75%
The Blue Ajah ~ 75%
The Black Ajah ~ 60%
The White Ajah ~ 55%
The Red Ajah ~ 55%
The Yellow Ajah ~ 50%
The Gray Ajah ~ 45%

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