Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Opps! I Did It Again!

Ok, so I've pierced my ears.....again!

In case you're wondering, I have a total of 10 piercings, 5 in each ear.

Yes, those are my real ears.

Why so many? I say, why not! I got my first piercings right before 2nd grade. I was so excited about it. :) I had wanted to get my ears pierced for about a year when I finally got them done.

Now, how the holes grew and multiplied, didn't start until I was a freshman in college. I had asked my RA (who happened to be my next door neighbor, good friend, and only one in at the time I knew would have what I wanted) for a safety pin or a needle. Didn't explain why I needed it, just needed to borrow it for a short while.

About 1/2 an hour later I had returned it to her with 4 new piercings in my ear lobes.

She freaked out a bit b/c she's a bit squeamish about needles, piercings, blood and that sort of thing. Said I could keep the safety pin.

Eventually I had gotten 10 piercings in my ears, but ended up taking out two a little too early and they closed up.

At one point I even had my nose pierced as well but things didn't work out the way I wanted (1st one was a fish hook and I ended playing with the stud while I slept and the 2nd time I took the nose ring out a little too early).

I'm thinking of getting my nose pierced again. And maybe my tongue. But I don't know. I think if I do get either or both pierced, they'll get pierced a bit down the road.


Sankari W. said...

aaah - i think piercing is a bit of an addiction - i only have 4 piercings but have been contemplating an eyebrow piercing, a septum piercing and a chin piercing for awhile... even thinking about it right now - i totally want to run and get something pierced :) love your piercing pics lala! (ps - you are so brave to pierce things yourself - wow! i had to re-pierce my nose and that was so intense - i felt a bit of witnessing doing it
and as to your other question - i am not sure why bmore is called Charm city... any thoughts on that? hope you are well Lala :) how's the 100 hat challenge going??? sending you love from FF :)

Nandi said...

*lol* You crack me up sometimes! Some how you never really struck me as a piercer!

In any event, I think you'd look adorable with an eyebrow piercing! (somehow, i think it would be just you! *shrugg*)

Was just curious if a native would have an insight I might not have. Hats are slowly progressing. Not as fast as i would like. but they're going.

Sending you love from DC. Say hi to the family!

Heather said...

Do you purposefully bait me with your blogs?? Yes, that safety pin is yours FOREVER!!!

Oh and I like the pink layout.