Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Every Day is a Holiday

I was thinking the other day how fun life would be know each day was celebrated like it was a holiday (not the dreaded I have to get someone else something holiday - just a day to celebrate).

It could be as simple as "Smile Day" or even "Laughing Day". I remember overhearing a conversation about a fairy book that talked about how the fairies have a holiday every day (that celebrated stuff like "Drinking the Dew from Rose Petals" and just got me started thinking). Just how life should be celebrated more.

Just a thought.

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Heather said...

hehe. I think if you looked you probably COULD already find a holiday for every day of the year, between all the holidays from different religions, plus all the made up holidays.

But I see your point about celebrating everyday. It's appreciating the little things that makes life better!