Monday, December 15, 2008

Peppermint Milk

Peppermint Milk...Peppermint Milk.

Oh my gosh. Such nummy stuff.

Ask the next time you're in a coffee shop somewhere and ask for steamed milk with peppermint italian syrup. *drool*

Very good.

I discovered this durring the last stretch of my college years. There was just something about getting steamed milk with peppermint in it.

Heck. We even came up with a little dance for it as well!

So far my web camera is only recording the video part of the song and dance (no sound!)
Stinkers. I'll post the little song and dance once I get the sound to work.

(me thinks part of it was from my brother using it - taking it off my comp and moving it to another - some how got damaged in the process??? Worked well enough before).

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