Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ten years from today. . . .

I envision myself married to a wonderful man for at least 5 years, in a house near a large city (like DC, NYC or another big city in the New England area) - it can be a nice loft or spacious apartment. Also, in 10 years from today, I see myself working FT at a company that's eco-friendly or has services/products that are good for the earth/people.

In 10 years from now, I envision all of my debts (including student loans) to be 100% paid off. Also, in 10 years, I want to own a vehicle (like a truck or station wagon type) that's 100% environmentally friendly and gets great "gas" mileage.



Heather said...

Yay! What a good time to do vision plans, right around your birthday!

But why only be married for 5 years? :)

Nandi said...

Psh. Be technical why dont we? By 10 years from today, I want to be married for atleast 5 years. Not that my marriage will end with in 5 years. Just that I want to be married for ATLEAST 5 years 10 years from today.