Saturday, July 12, 2008

Creative Writing and Creative Music.

In college, one of my final classes was a creative writing class. I really enjoyed it b/c I felt as if for the first time I could actually put my thoughts/ideas in writing (and have it be coherent). One of my favorite activities was taking an obscure headline (odd news) and making a story out of it (more so how the story got to the point the newspaper wrote about it). Sometimes, one does wonder what led up to the point the newspaper report (as in the sequence leading up to the newspaper article).

Part of the reason why I stay up late is for the music acts on a couple of the late night shows. Sometimes it's b/c of the actors/actresses. and the remaining 90% is b/c I cant fall asleep easily enough (partly b/c I got in the habit of staying up late). Sometimes I do find some interesting female musicians to pass onto one of my friends who has a radio show (featuring female singer/songwriters/musicians).

This has gotten me interested more in music. This has led me to find new "favorite" musicians (granted I have a rock solid favorite that will never change - Great Big Sea).

A new face I came across was Sara Bareilles. (Yes, she does have her own page). The song you've probably heard on the radio (or even on Late Night with Jay Leno) is "Bottle It Up". A good song to listen to. Up beat.

Aside the fact that one of my fav. quotes is "I'm covered in bees!", I stumbled across a website that involves bees with my favorite flower (the SUNFLOWER!). I think its a worth while project, esp. if you're into this kind of stuff. It's called "The Great Sunflower Project". What it does is it sends you sunflower seeds to grow sunflowers and once the sunflower bloom, for 1/2 an hour you take note of the number of bees that come to your sunflower(s). That's it. Simple enough, and you get to be outside for 1/2 an hour, relaxing, getting fresh air!

I think it was in part to the declining numbers in the bees. *shrugg*

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