Thursday, July 10, 2008

Take A Seat, Find Something Healthy, and Find Your Inner Sleuth

Now, I've seen this before on TV, ages ago, about how a few people would come to this one stadium to sit in it's seats. Granted, it wasnt for your foot ball match or even a concert. They were trying to be the one who sat in the most seats with in a given amount of time. Well, at least Jim Purol, as seen in this mini article, actually just set the record for the most seats sat in with a 48 hr period. The grand total for his appearance in the Guinness World Book of Records was a whopping 39,250 seats. Granted, I have wanted, at various stages of my life, to make my own appearance in the Guinness, but I think I'll leave that to someone who actually has that ambition.

I have relatively recently set my homepage of my browser to Partly b/c I have two Yahoo accounts and I like to see what they put up on their main page, as far as "current" news in the world and entertainment. One article I just came across was talking about finding healthy food for about $1 or less. This peaked my interest, b/c I like eating, I like eating cheaply, and I would like eating healthy without breaking the bank. The 20 Healthiest Foods for Less Than $1 lists the 20 healthy foods and why they're healthy! Some of the food they list are: Oats, Kale (no surprise), Coffee (yes!), Eggs, Potatoes, Nuts, Apples, and Bananas. Check out the full list and why they're good for you.

Last but not least, Robert Downy Jr. is to play Sherlock Holmes. Yes, the once drug addict and now star of Iron Man is to play Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous character Sherlock Holmes. The filming is to start sometime this fall. Personally, I want to see this movie, partly because I was a HUGE, I repeat HUGE, Sherlock Holmes fan growing up.

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