Thursday, July 10, 2008

Music, Music, Music.

Sometimes, it amazes me how much my life revolves around music.

Let me rephrase that.

Sometimes, it amazes me how much I "discover" new music and/or musicians I've never even heard of.

(That's how I started this blog. I kept "discovering" all this music and sharing it with my musically inclined (and very talented) friend. She put it politely. Stop bugging her and write something about yourself).

What initially inspired this blog is from an e-mail sent out by a local performance space. It puts out what music shows it's putting on, as well as a couple of other performance places too.

On this particular e-mail, I "discovered" a band called She & Him (they have a MySpace page as well). They label themselves (according to MySpace), as Indie/Country/Pop. I would say they're more like a band you would go see on a cool summer's eve, with a picnic of watermelon, light refreshments (mint sun tea), sandwiches (like cheese, light mayo, lettuces, freshly sliced tomato, and maybe a dash of mustard), and someone who you wouldn't mind cuddling with.

They're for sure more than background music.

I believe I've seen the girl singing before on TV. She looks like that girl from "Gilmore Girls", you know - the daughter Alexis Bledel. Wait! I've seen the girl before. Her name is Zooey Deschanel. She was the girl in "Elf" and the Sci-Fi channel's "Tin Man". The guy is M. Ward.

note: as I'm writing this I'm jumping around between pages doing a bit of research. I am known to know faces and not names. NOTORIOUS, actually. So bare in mind that this blog posting is more or less a cut and paste of names and mini facts.

May I suggest listening to Sentimental Heart. A good first song.

PS. A good friend of mine is in the musical Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. I love that musical. I am sorely sad I am most likely not to see her in it. To boot, on a slight tangent, the Cowboy from The Village People, Randy Jones, is playing the Pharaoh. Ok, I may be jonesing a little about that a relatively well know person is coming to the town where I attended college (yes, pun intended).


Heather said...

hehehe! It's just that you were (still are) finding so much good stuff that I didn't have time to write about, AND it's a shame to have me be the only one who gets to hear about it! So glad you're blogging, and I don't mind being the first one to know about your cool finds! :)

Nandi said...

hee hee. well. I dont know how many people would see what I write, beyond you that is.