Saturday, July 12, 2008

County Fair.

The county fair is coming up in roughly a months time. I have a couple thing to enter into the knitting section, but I would like to have some more things for it (greater chance of getting at least one ribbon from the fair).

Here's a pic of a scar I'm currently working on:

The foot in the picture is more so for reference of size.

You may see the cables better on this one:

The plain stitches are to be ripped upon finishing, leaving the cables in tact. What this does is gives the item fringe, with out worrying about saving enough yarn to do so. (You've incorporated the fringe into the amount you're using. Genius I say). I know when I finish the scarf I will not have to worry about getting more yarn, since the chances are the company discontinued this yarn (it was bought by my mom's parents for her, when Sears actually sold yarn).

I've also made a glove hat. Yes, a glove the size of a hat.

But I want to make gloves/mittens to go with this hat, so I can enter another hat into the fair (you can have no more ONE item entered in each category to be judged). I'll see if I can find the other hat to take a picture of for you.


Heather said...

Love the cables, can't wait to see the finished product!

Nandi said...

Hee hee. Me neither! I sort of did a test run. Thought it was ok, but wasnt sure how well it would be on a large scale.