Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Thank Heaven!

I've been finishing the ends of things for the county fair. Slowly, but still finishing things. The most recent thing that I finished is the Amigurumi Octopus I've been working on for WAY too long (5+ months I think. It was all but finished 4.5 months ago, but it waited patiently for it's remaining two legs).

Here's a pic of it!

Yes, that's an air freshener it's sitting on. It was the closest thing I could find to prop it up. It's in my brother's bathroom, where the motif is oceanic. A mini note on the octopus, it's made of wool, dyed with sugar-free koolaid.

I also made another Amigurumi, this time its a frog.

It looks identical to the photo (granted the photo isnt mine). I'm not entering it into the fair b/c it's for my moms birthday. Hrm. Maybe I'll just enter it into the fair instead of the octopus. I dont know. I'll have to look into it. Maybe surprise her when we go see what of my things won.

My pink scarf is getting longer. No photo b/c it's just the same picture, only the scarf is longer. I will take one final pic before I do the fringe just to give a perspective of before and after.

I was thinking of making a doll's sweater or a small childs/infants sweater. I will see how much tim I have.

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