Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Late Night, Another Artist


Ok, I heard this group the other night. And I know I've heard them before too. She kind of reminds me a little of Amy Winehouse with the vocals. Only a little.

Its very danceable and up beat. And something I feel good about "promoting" too.

Here's a video, "Mercy":

"Warwick Ave" (Sorry, you have to click through to get to it):

Another artist/musician I've "recently" got into (well about a year ago recent) is Mika. Also good music and upbeat, fun stuff.

Like his song "Grace Kelly":

"Love Today"

And "Big Girl"

I will admit I do listen to this kind of stuff and even have cd's of similar music (no Duffy CD's at this time though). I have 2 Aqua cd's (you know, the people who did that Barbie Song???), Mika, Tom Jones, Spice Girls (their 2nd album - my uncle thought I'd like it, and I do), all 3 Shrek sound tracks, Moulin Rouge Sound Track...only to name a few. I like ABBA too, but no cd's yet.

Well, I should get to bed, esp. if I'm going to see John Edward tomorrow.


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