Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things I want to see!

Ok, there are a couple movies coming out (or already out) that I want to see.

  • Love Guru
  • The Dark Knight
  • Wanted
Yes, they're all movies that I want to see in the theater. Most likely a matinee, but still in the theater. I think some people are more psyched to see The Dark Knight since Heath Ledger passed away. Just what I think, but it should still be a good movie.

Heres a preview of Love Guru:

Moving on. I was thinking today that bowling would be fun. There is a bowling place relatively close to my house, which is nice. BUT there is a game called Duckpin Bowling that's better than the cat's pajama's (close enough, anyway).

Duckpin Bowling is EXACTLY like bowling (roll the ball down the lane, knock over pins, all down on one ball = strike, 2 balls = spare, etc). The only difference is the balls are smaller (you hold them in your hand - no finger holds) and you get 3 tries to knock your pins over, not your typical 2.

SO much fun!

And to end this random blog, I've known about this group for a little while (from my late night escapades of watching late night television). Dont let the name Goldfrapp fool you. The music is up beat and good to listen to. Here are a couple of videos (the first one is my personal fav).

A & E


Ride a White Horse:

And last but not least

Number 1:

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