Saturday, June 21, 2008

John Edward

So my mother, brother, and myself went to see John Edward last night (the psychic, not the politician).

I'm very glad I was able to go see him. Even though we didn't have anyone on the other side, wanting to give us a specific message, it still was inspirational to hear him talk with other people.

Funnily enough, as soon as John came on stage, I got severe "shopper's head", the strongest I've felt it, ever. (For those who don't know the term "shopper's head", its where my head (specifically forehead, right around where the third eye would be) would start to feel funny (Normal occurrence would be during shopping, hence "Shoppers Head"). As if I had just woken up and didn't get enough sleep or like someone put their hand on your forehead and pressed firmly (not too hard) but from inside).

I was talking to my mom about it. She was saying that it could be true, that I could be a psychic dialysis (psychically cleaning out the environment/other people?). I was also talking to a good friend, and she mentioned that it could have been a big psychic bombardment from John (since it happened when he entered), as he is sort of an antennae for that stuff (like a radio signal/receiver).

(note: I was told I was a sort of psychic dialysis by someone who could read auras and is relatively well respected for it).

But it was such a good experience to hear him speak about the afterlife and the messages he told. If you get a chance to hear him speak, go. It doesnt matter really where you're sitting, the message is still the same. Also, if you're meant to have a message from the other side, again it doesnt matter where you sit, John will find you.

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