Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dance Yourself Silly!

Ok, now this is something I'm really excited about for the following reasons:

1. It involves dancing
2. It charges your cell phone

Yes, it's for the same item! It's actually a device that charges your cell phone while you dance!

I absolutely LOVE it!

A company called mobile phone company, Orange, created it in conjuncture with a renewable energy firm, GotWind.

Here's a quote:
"We wanted to create a fun, engaging and interactive product which would encourage users to have a laugh while charging their mobile phone and at the same time test out a new energy-efficient prototype," said Hattie Magee, Head of Partnerships at Orange UK.

This is absolutely brilliant! This way you can have your cell phone when you go out to the club (provided you can stash it somewhere on your body like a under a pants leg) or the likes with out worry of your cell dieing on its last bar of power.

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