Monday, June 23, 2008

The Saturdays & The Pipettes

So I found a new music group.

I was watching a video I had posted on one of my older blog posts, and at the end of it, the related videos were scrolling.


Discovered "The Saturdays".

It seems that they only have one video out at the moment:

If This Is Love

They're a British Pop group. Based on the one music video they have, they could be good, or not so much. It quite frankly has me on the proverbial fence post. It sounds likes your usual pop song, but it's a little catchy (maybe b/c they're from another country???). Eh, we'll see. I tried looking for a MySpace page for them, but only come up with a really cool Birmingham, AL based indie/pop/country band (guy based) with the same name. Check them both out.

Also, I've know about this other group, "The Pipettes" (truth be told, I was search for the Alphabet Song that Sesame Street did with Lady Smith Black Mambazo and Kermit on and found them that way).

Now I have a couple favorites of "The Pipettes". (Yes, they're the "faster" or a little more danceable songs of theirs - the ones you can dance by yourself to).

Ok, here's the song I got turned onto:


Pull Shapes

Ok. So that's it for now.

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