Saturday, June 14, 2008

Law of Attraction.

Ok. I was watching Oprah on Thursday, and surprisingly enough it was about "Law of Attraction". (The basic principle what you focus on, you bring into your life or you create it in your life ).

Like the saying, birds of a feather flock together. Same Deal.

Granted, hearing this on Oprah wasnt anything new to me. My mother has been listening to Abraham-Hicks for years. Yes, years. (I would imagine most libraries would have a book or two of theirs, if not, get a really cheap copy off of,,, or where ever you prefer to get your book fetish fix). So, this concept wasn't new to me.

Personally, I like being reminded about some of the concepts Abraham-Hicks brings up. Mainly, who doesnt like feeling good? Ever notice if you're in a piss-ant of a mood, what ever is happening at that moment is also piss-ant too? Or if you're in a good/upbeat mood that things seem better?

Here's a nice little video of Abraham-Hicks:

You dont have to agree with it. But isnt it nice when you're feeling good?

edit note: I've heard some people (well more like watched a video or two on YouTube) about how it encourages you to be lazy. Well, as far as I can tell, all the message is saying is to think positive and let the universe bring it to you. Yes, granted it may sound like it's saying laze around all day, but all it says is to think positively (Think along the lines of "Let Go, Let God"). It never says be lazy and think good thoughts (granted you could do that), but all it's doing is encouraging you to change your thinking patterns.

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