Saturday, June 14, 2008

Love Lists + Vision Boards

Ok. This is connected back to the Oprah show I watched on Thursday. They were talking about the how/why behind creating a Vision Board(s) and a Love List.

The Love List was more geared at single people, or people looking more for a romantic relationship that would lead to marriage (or as close to marriage for some). All it is is a list of everything you want in a life partner (regardless of whether or not you get married). On the show I dont recall them giving a specific number, but one of my good friends from college (when my brother and I were hanging out with her at her dad's place) told my brother and I about this thing her dad and step-mom (?) did where they wrote out 50 characteristics that they were looking for in a partner.

Same principle, but no number limit. (Friend's Dad & Step-mom had like 98% matching).

Love list - a list of characteristics looking for in a life partner (and can be as simple, frivolous, or whatever you want). No limits on what you can put down on your list. Here's a sample of mine:

  1. Green eyes
  2. SUPER red hair
  3. Honest
  4. Plays a musical instrument
  5. Financially responsible
  6. Money smart
  7. 5'4" or taller
  8. Well built (think Wolverine from X-Men)
  9. Funny
  10. Witty
The list is virtually endless. Click here to read an article about "Love Lists"

Now for vision boards. This little site explains the whole concept of Vision boards in much more detail than I'm going to here.

What a Vision Board basically is, is a poster board covered in words, images (drawn or pasted from various magazines/newspapers), and/or what ever else you want to put on there, that you want to bring into your life.

Its the same concept of thinking positive and what you think you attract. This way you can get inspired to think about what you want from the outside (get inspired). I find that it's a little easier with a visual of what I want to think about what I want than to try to do it all in my head.


I've done my Love List already, I just need to do my Vision Board.


Heather said...

I made one of those lists once! It's pretty amazing how many things do match up. :)

Nandi said...

:) yes, it is amazing what intention does for oneself. Kind-of like if you're in a grumpy mood/mind set, everything that happens has a neg. twist to it. But when you're in a good mood, everything that happens doesnt seem as negative (vs. if you were in a bad mood).