Monday, June 16, 2008

Odd News Junkie.

Well, junkie may be a bit extreme, but I really do like to get a good dosage of the odd news every couple of days. (Personally, I get my fix from the Yahoo! Odd News page - primarily b/c it's easy for me to get to from my Yahoo mail accounts).

I don't know what exactly brings me to get my odd news fix, but I do find it highly entertaining and more uplifting than reading the regular news (and less annoying than all those gossip/tabloid stuff).

I dont know how long Yahoo! keeps it's odd news articles but here are a couple of my favorites:

Anywho. I like good stories, even if they're not the main stream ones.


Heather said...

Odd news is the best. Mainstream news is TOO DEPRESSING!

Did you see the one about the unicorn deer?

Nandi said...

Yes! I thought that was hilarious! And it was in Italy if I remember correctly.