Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ok. One of my really good friends started doing a radio show in her local town and ever since then, I've been keeping an eye out for women artists to bombard her with (she also does a blog about it too!).

Actually, more like since the one time she asked for input for one show when she was out of the country, but I still like to think I help in some way.

Well friend with her own radio show, I've got another one for you! Boo-ya!

Her name is Priscilla Ahn (she also has a MySpace page).

Soft sounds that one could say tickles the back of your mind, trying to remind you of an in between place of joy.

Her style is Indie / Folk.

So, that's that and again I'm up WAY too late. But I'm excited about a party I'm going to a week from this Saturday. And the fact that my kickball team won $100 tab for best costumes at our mid-season party. Granted we won by default - only team that bothered to do costumes (we wore outfits with a color of the rainbow). Simple but it got us $.


Heather said...

heehee. I DO love getting all your hot tips on who is out there, but you've noticed I already had Priscilla for a while now. :) I'm so glad you like her too, she needs all the exposure she can get! And keep em coming, you know I don't have TV!

Nandi said...

Well stinkers on me!