Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Potential Presidential Wives

I dont really follow anything political, especially around the time we vote for our President. *sigh* Living near our nations capitol, allot of the news has enough political whatever to drown Noah's Ark. But hey, I love living here so it comes with the territory.

So this brings me to the title. This morning when I opened up my internet browser, I notice a picture of Obama's and McCain's wives in a side-by-side photo. Normally I would only glance over stuff like that, but this one really caught my eye.

At first, it looked like Cindy McCain's hair line got too much sun (or some other serious skin problem). Getting a closer look, it was the freakish way she was wearing her foundation! *gasp*

I don't know if she's aware of it or not, but it just comes off of as a bit like she's getting into the Halloween spirit a bit early (first impressions). It's obvious that she has the wrong foundation and doesn't know how to blend it well enough to make it look "natural" (a different shade, yes, but with in reason).

I thought to myself that this must have been a one time occurrence and that it was a bad angle. Nope.

My case and point:

Granted, I've made my decision well before I saw McCain's wife (though the wives of a Presidential candidate has never been a serious factor for my vote), but someone please show Cindy McCain the right shade of foundation for her skin! I'm sure she is a very nice person.

Well, here's to my first blog!


Heather said...

A brilliant start! Welcome to blogland!

Yes, you'd think that people in the public eye would have stylists or something to help them out with that kind of stuff... She's a pretty woman, but the makeup to contrast is scary.

Nandi said...

Quite! Something where after the first couple of times one would hope someone would do something differently.